Baiting Strategy Tips

Exterior baiting

  • The most effective way to keep a facility rodent-free is to stop rats and mice before they enter a building. A baiting program set up along the exterior perimeter of buildings acts as the first line of defence against invading rodents.
  • Place bait stations near potential entry point for rodents, such as near entry doors, outside vents, or openings into the building.
  • Place the baits out during the late afternoon so they will be fresh at dusk when rats become active
  • Once bait stations are in place and feeding begins, avoid changing the bait or placement without reason.

Interior baiting

  • Rats and mice like to climb and will travel along rafters and in hide in dark sheltered places. Bait rafters, attics and other areas aboveground where rodents like to nest.
  • Place bait stations in areas where there are signs of rodent activity such as piles of droppings, shredded paper, etc.
  • Any existing bait stations that are not being visited within 1 week should be moved approx. 1.5m in another direction.
  • Keep up a fresh supply of bait. Rats and mice are particular about their food and will reject spoiled bait.

A successful baiting strategy includes rotating baits to control and maintain rat and mouse populations. Ratsak has a range of baits for effective control of rats and mice.