Baiting Strategy

Take control over the rats and mice in your house by looking at the environment around your home, making it less hospitable for rodents, and implementing a reliable baiting strategy to control rodent populations. This is the fastest and easiest way to send rats and mice packing.

Assess your household environment

First, take look at your household environment and take steps prevent rodent activity. Remove any food or water sources and places of shelter that might attract rats and mice. Consider all the areas in the home that rodents typically invade the roof, under the house, kitchen and bathrooms. And don't forget sheds and garages.

Baiting at key times of the year

The best maintenance strategy involves an annual cycle of treatments at key times of the year. Rodent control should always be linked to continuous monitoring of activity, good hygiene to remove alternative food sources and rodent proofing structures to make the environment less hospitable to re-infestation.

How to control Rats & Mice

Find out how to control rats and mice in different parts of your home with RATSAK. On the house picture above, roll over the rat in the part of the house you are concerned about, click through for more information.

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