Rat Chat

Dealing with a mouse or rat infestation isn’t easy and they won’t go away on their own!

Here we share some of our readers experiences and tips in dealing with their mouse and rat problems. Take a look, you might pick up a few ideas that can help you manage your mouse or rat problem. And why not add your story – simply contact us on Live RatChat service. You might have an idea that could help someone else.

Giant Rat in Alexandria Sydney

“A MONSTER rodent has been found dead in an inner city family’s backyard, prompting calls for a special “rat taskforce”. At one point, the Alexandria family were so worried about the whopping great critter, that they were scared to let their young daughter play in the backyard.It follows months of concern about a rat problem across the city that has been a boon for pest control specialists but a headache for councils.We think its time to bring out the RATSAK Taskforce to help with the rat situation.” Read more

Cat smells a rat

“Our cat had been acting strange all night. Then finally the cat sat very still staring under the washing machine. I knew we had a problem. I got out the torch and sure enough there was a rat under the washing machine looking at the cat. That night I put the cat in her carrying crate and put out some RATSAK.”

Dishwasher stopped working

“Our dishwasher stopped working so I got the plumber to come and take a look. To my horror when he pulled the dishwasher out, there was a nest of tiny pink rats. It was disgusting. The rats had chewed through the electrical wires which caused the dishwasher to stop.”

Palm trees attracting rats

“I was really surprised to find out the yellow berry fruits on our palm trees were causing our problem with rats. We could see them at night running up the trunk of the trees. We got a tree lopper to cut off the fruit and put out some baits and the problem was solved.”

Mice in the shed

“I was getting something out of the shed and I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t worry about it. Then next time I was working there I saw it again. Finally when I moved some bags I saw that a corner had been chewed and I knew I had a mouse problem.”

Finally I can get some sleep

“I live on my own – so I was worried when I could hear scratching in the roof at night. I could barely sleep. I got my son around and he put a few baits above the ceiling. And he covered up some old air grates with wire mesh. He said he could see droppings in the ceiling – how awful! Anyway a few days later and the scratching stopped. Thank goodness!”