Using a baiting strategy

Take control over the rats and mice in your house by looking at the environment around your home and using a reliable baiting strategy. This is the fastest and easiest way to send rats and mice packing.

Look at your household environment

First, take look at your household environment and take steps prevent rodent activity. Remove any food or water sources and places of shelter that might attract rats and mice. Consider all the areas in the home that rodents typically invade the roof, under the house, kitchen and bathrooms. And don't forget sheds and garages. Take a look at preventing rodents for more tips on how to rodent proof your home.

A baiting solution for every situation

RATSAK baits are available in various formats to cover all your needs. Using the different types of RATSAK products around your home provides more effective control as you are protecting your entire home, not just one area.

"RATSAK baits" are an effective solution to a rodent infestation and are available in different sizes depending on your need. There are also RATSAK wax blocks for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and RATSAK Throw Packs for hard to reach areas such as in roofs and under floorboards.

"RATSAK baits" are an effective solution to a rodent infestation

It's easy to set up a baiting strategy with RATSAK. The baits are ready to use and easy to install. When planning your baiting strategy, place products in inconspicuous locations to prevent contact by children and pets.