Dealing with a dead mouse or rat

You've come home and found a dead rat or mouse - congratulations, you're on the way to eradicating the pests in your home. The problem facing you now is - what to do with your dead mouse or rat?

Keep pets away

With RATSAK the rats and mice often leave the house to die so there's no mess or fuss to worry about.

Your dog or cat may be fascinated with the dead mouse or rat, but it's important that they don't play or especially not eat it. Rodents carry diseases and germs which can be picked up by your pet. Also, if the rat or mouse was poisoned your pet may also become poisoned. So praise your pet, but take it away quickly.

Emptying traps

If you are using rat traps, you might want to start by putting on some rubber gloves. Carefully lift steel trap and remove the dead rodent. If you are squeamish, you can simply put newspaper underneath the trap and fold up the mess and put it into the bin.

Disposing of your dead rat or mouse

The best way of disposing of your dead rat or mouse is to wrap it in newspaper and put it in the rubbish bin. It's not advisable to bury the body in the garden as pets and other animals might dig it up become sick from the poison or diseases that rodents carry.

Wall cavities and hard-to-reach areas

If you can smell a dead rat or mouse in hard-to-reach area such as in a wall or roof cavity or under the floor the best advice is to wait a couple of weeks. Generally, rodents will decompose and dry out within 2 weeks. Put in some room fresheners in the meantime and the problem will soon be gone.